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Supporting World Medical Education will help health workers improve their knowledge and skills in a large number of areas.

We need funding to support new projects.

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Click on the images below to see examples of projects that will make a major difference worldwide.

Funders may decide to support an entire thematic area such as ‘Maternal & Child Health’, a section within a larger theme, or a bespoke project responding to a specific educational need or an individual video.

However you chose to support us, improving the education of Health Workers will make a huge and lasting difference to the suffering and needless deaths of so many children and adults.

Projects can be of any size: from a small focused resource on cataract surgery, encouraging patients and families in resource poor countries to seek help; to preventing pressure sores; to managing major trauma.

There are many other hugely important projects that need to be done. If you would like to support a project in another area please let us know


If I fund a project will it make a difference?

  • Each project helps to train health workers in a particular topic, helping to ensure that they give the best possible care
  • Each project will have a positive impact on patients in Africa, South East Asia and in countries like the UK
  • State of the art education will have a long lasting impact
  • Your support makes our work possible and will help to improve the health outcomes of children and adults worldwide

Recognising your support

  • Our online open access platform will attract an international audience
  • We can offer international recognition of your role in supporting global health and improving the health outcomes of children and adults worldwide
  • World Medical Education can raise your profile and be part of your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.
  • Supporters can choose the level of publicity they want and our team will work with you to ensure that we acknowledge your support in a way that suits you


A business model to support project development & sustainability.

For our vision to succeed, we need to generate funds to develop new multimedia educational materials and ensure that materials are hosted, revised and updated on a continual basis.

Our business model involves attracting funds from philanthropists, industry, charities, foundations and individual donors to develop new project areas. In parallel, World Medical Education will generate sustainable income from producing tailored educational materials, short courses and online assessment in association with world leading universities, hospitals, colleges and businesses. Income from these resources will be ring-fenced and re-invested in full in our open-access platform, so that the cost of hosting and updating materials is fully covered.


How can you help?

Support a project to improve the health of children and adults worldwide.

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