We are a new not for profit Social Enterprise delivering open access multimedia education to health workers worldwide.



To provide open access multimedia training to all health workers worldwide, whether they work in the remotest areas or in major hospitals.


To work with medical experts, health workers, patients, families and communities to ensure our educational programs are of the highest quality; and to research the clinical impact of programs developed.


To innovate and develop sustainable income streams to allow constant development and improvement of our educational programs through learner engagement, feedback and research.

We believe multimedia education will make a fundamental difference to the care of children and adults worldwide.

Imagine health workers globally having open access state of the art, video intense, context specific multimedia education across the full spectrum of healthcare, wherever they work. Imagine linking this to the provision of multimedia educational initiatives for parents, their families and their communities, wherever they are.

That is the aim of World Medical Education

Supporting a project will have a lasting global impact

We deliver projects that are tailored to the needs of health workers in resource poor countries, working in partnership with centres in Africa and South East Asia; and also for health workers in countries such as the UK. If you support a project it really will have a global impact.

Target Audience

Globally there are millions of junior doctors, medical students, nurses and community health workers. There is also a massive shortage of health workers. It is estimated that over two million doctors, nurses and midwives in resource poor countries need to be trained, with an overall shortage of 4 million health workers. All deserve world-class medical education and continuing professional development so they can help to reduce the suffering and death of children and adults. Our aim is to develop training programs for health workers in all countries with a high priority given to the development of programs for those working in resource poor countries.

How we achieve

We aim to produce the highest quality of video intense multimedia educational programs for all cadres of health workers, from doctors to community health workers in the remotest of settings. Each project will bring together team members from the UK, Africa and South East Asia; ensuring that programs are internationally relevant and engaging to a global audience. This is underpinned by our development platform which co-ordinates multiple projects across borders, with international peer review to ensure the highest standards of quality. We believe research to obtain evidence of benefit and to inform future development is essential, and is integrated into our projects.

Why do we do it?

The majority of children and adults in the world have limited access to appropriately trained health workers. It is widely acknowledged that urgent investment is needed in training and professional development of health workers worldwide. We believe that open-access state of the art, context specific, video intense multimedia training will strengthen the development of the health workforce in all countries, empowering them to relieve the suffering and mortality of children and adults, and leading to improvements in global health.


How can you help?

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