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Maternal and child health

Life-saving interventions for mothers and children

Africa, Asia


7.5 million children die before they reach 5 years of age and 358,000 women die during pregnancy and childbirth every year. 56 evidence-based interventions have been recognised to reduce infant mortality. The challenge is to ensure that all health workers are trained to deliver this life-saving care.

  • Improve maternal, infant and child health and prevent death and disability worldwide.
  • Produce high-quality, relevant and engaging training in all 56 evidence-based interventions, pitched an appropriate level for three target audiences (primary care, local hospital, specialist hospital) in line with WHO recommendations.
  • Provide materials for communities to raise awareness of maternal, infant child health.

This poorly infant is being fed through a nasogastric tube

  • Work with an experienced, international author and advisor team to develop appropriate, high-quality learning materials for each audience and region.
  • Users will see multiple videos of actual cases and best practice so they have the chance to gain experience that may otherwise take many years to gain.
  • Demonstrate key clinical skills and knowledge for primary care, local hospitals and specialist centres.
  • Ensure effective coverage of each of the 56 essential interventions for all levels of health workers.
  • Engage with users to shape materials and obtain learner/user feedback.


  • Develop a resource for primary care, local hospitals and specialist hospitals in maternal, infant and child health; including comprehensive coverage of all 56 essential interventions.
  • Provide patient education videos for patients, families and the wider public, to improve awareness of maternal, child and infant health and to help families and communities.
  • Use interviews, focus groups and informal feedback to understand the views of learners, educators, policy makers and key opinion leaders in this important area.
  • Assess the impact on knowledge, skills and decision making of health workers; patients’ and families’ understanding of important issues in maternal, infant and child health; and public awareness.

Improving the health of mothers and children; and strengthening training in 56 essential interventions.

Asia, Africa
Maternal, infant and child health
Improve maternal, child & infant health and prevent killer diseases.
April 2018 - March 2021

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