World Medical Education’s unique App/Mobile Phone/Database system

Solving global problems

Millions of health workers worldwide simply miss out on state-of-the-art training and continuing education they need to provide the best possible care to the sick children and adults who look to them for help. We have developed a unique App/mobile phone/database system to address this and have trialled it successfully in Malawi, Nigeria & the Philippines.

Delivering video-based multimedia education & continuing education to health workers in the remotest locations where Internet access is not good enough

The App/mobile phone/database system will:

  • Deliver educational programs to health workers in the remotest settings. Programs are simply loaded onto their phones and navigated through using a simple App
  • Allow health workers to look things up ‘there and then’ when seeing patients: a cornerstone of good medical practice
  • Provide video-based multimedia continuing education ensuring health workers in the remotest areas of the poorest countries have access
  • Allow remote assessment to determine if the continuing education health workers receive is likely to improve their clinical skills
  • Allow programs and paper based training materials from other sources such as the WHO to be easily uploaded

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