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World Medical Education’s aim is to reduce the suffering and needless deaths of children and adults worldwide, particularly in resource poor countries.

The majority of children and adults worldwide have limited access to health workers, with a critical shortage in resource poor countries. We believe that all patients worldwide, irrespective of where they live should have access to well-trained health workers. All health workers should also have access to up to date information and continuing professional education to keep their knowledge and clinical skills up to date. This will make a huge difference to the health outcomes of children and adults. To achieve this, we have developed technical platforms to produce the highest quality of multimedia training for health workers, ensuring access even in the most remote settings. We have recently developed a unique App/mobile phone/database system to ensure health workers in the remotest rural areas of the poorest countries can access both training and continuing education without Internet access.

Empowering front-line health workers worldwide to deliver quality healthcare

World Medical Education is a not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC) Limited by Guarantee. This means all profits are re-invested to support the aims of World Medical Education

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Professor Chris O’Callaghan
Dr Nic Blackwell
Dr Chris Williams

Over the last 18 years the founding members have produced over 100 multimedia educational resources for health professionals and have been the recipients of awards for excellence in healthcare education on many occasions.

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