ENT Clinical Skills

Clinical assessment skills for ear, nose and throat problems


Anil Banerjee, Chris Williams, Fatima Mallick, Chris O'Callaghan

ENT problems are common, accounting for around 25% of GP consultations in the UK, and a large number of presentations to hospital. Most health professionals receive only brief training in ENT, making it difficult for them to gain knowledge and skills.

Assessing ENT problems requires special skills and equipment.


  • Develop a training programme to improve clinical skills in ENT
  • Show how to use specialist equipment (such as the otoscope for looking in ears)
  • Demonstrate a practical approach to assessing balance and swallowing problems

We developed a video intense guide of ENT clinical skills, covering:-

  • Clinical examination skills for the ear, nose, mouth, throat and neck
  • Assessment of the balance system
  • Assessment of swallowing problems

This was supported by 150 online video-based multiple choice questions in ENT (with answers and explanations), allowing learners to build their knowledge in an interactive way; and test their learning.


This resource is aimed at general practitioners, ENT trainees, junior doctors, medical students and nurses worldwide, and is available in the World Medical Education learning environment, as a free, open-access resource.  It is already being used for medical student teaching in the UK and other countries.

This is the first stage in a longer programme of work on hearing problems and ear, nose and throat disease; to prevent deafness and bring training to a global audience.

Clinical skills in ENT
Improving clinical skills in ENT

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