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Nigeria, Malawi & Philippines in successful trial of World Medical Education’s App/mobile phone/database

Doctors in Nigeria and Philippines and the Ministry of Health in Malawi were able to upload programs including ‘Ophthalmology – Africa’ and ‘Caring for the Sick Child’ onto their mobile phones and upload the App allowing them to successfully navigate through the programs. Excitingly they were also able to use the unique continuing education system. […]


WHO expert reviews World Medical Education’s App/mobile phone/database systemand video educational programs

“Good clinical practice examples are essential to build health worker competency but access to quality training, follow-up and mentorship is often limited. This tool could help revolutionise community health worker training in Africa’ – Dr Bernadette Daelmans, World Health Organisation.


COVID-19: World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists review andapprove training videos

Prof Dan Martin and intensive care consultants and nursing staff from one of the UK’s leading intensive care unit at the Royal Free Hospital, London & Prof Chris O’Callaghan (Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital) produce COVID-19 training videos for medical and nursing staff. Videos ranged from different ways of administering oxygen therapy and safe intubation […]


‘Opthalmology – Africa’ shows improvement in clinical skills of users in a randomised controlled trial in Uganda.

A randomised controlled trial in Mbarara, Uganda found clinical video intense multimedia learning materials improved clinical skills and can be implemented in low income settings. This confirmed the potential to provide large numbers of health workers with better training, professional development and access to health information.


Global Rotary Grant announced

Training health workers and community health workers in Kenya on COVID-19, prevention and management. This is a joint award between World Medical Education and the University of Nairobi, Kenya.


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